Your ceremony will be meaningful, engaging, and make sense to you, your family and friends.

With your personal needs and ideas and my experience and knowledge, creating weddings, baby namings, commitment ceremonies, and other celebrations is a meaningful and engaging experience. Your ceremony will make sense to you, your family and friends. Through face to face, Skype, email and phone, we can meet to get to know each other and build your celebration. Whether your family is Jewish or interfaith, I will work with you to include as much ritual as works for your family. We can use traditional forms, as well as modern practices and interpretations. We can also incorporate cultural ritual as well as those that are religious.

Some of the ceremonies I have officiated and co-officiated include:

Jewish (all forms of Jewish); Jewish-Christian (all forms of Christianity); Jewish-Hindu; Jewish-Buddhist; Jewish-African American; Jewish- Secular; Jewish-Humanist (Also Ethical Culture); Jewish-Native American

Let's Discuss your needs!